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monostatic - sub drk introduxion [63_051]

by 020200

Topics Electronic

Tomas Lipka aka monostatic with his first release on
Tomas also releases music under the name monoide, which focuses more on dancable technomusic, while monostatic does on listening electronics. Monoide made his debut in netlabel with the album "periodt". "TanzKurs" is called his recently released mix on realaudio that gave us an insight of his technomixingabilities. This mix is really one of the most inspired technomixed i've ever heard in the last few years. He is also dedicated to the Slovakian techno- and electronicscene. Tomas Lipka is residenting in a Slovakian Techno-Club, called Ucko. His next Monoide-Release will be back on realaudio at 01aug2004 which is called 'Numbers'.

But this here is the first monostatic-release from Tomas Lipka. He does it exclusively for 2063music. The music unfolds in very digital layers with crackles and pulsating beats. Silent and linear motion. The sub drk introduxion pt.3+4 is my personal highlight of this ep with this very special mood, unique flavor and great beats.
A very gifted young artist, that will come through our speakers in 2004-2005!

Run time 24min


Reviewer: LAJ - - August 10, 2004
Subject: Another Side to Monoide
After hearing Monoide's latest release "Numbers" on Realaudio [ratc004], I became curious and did some searching and ran across this little gem. Four untitled tracks in all. Two tracks of warm soundscapes with lots of that nostalgic vinyl crackle ambience and two lightly rhythmic oriented tracks sprinkled with subtle beats and
relaxing chords. Almost one-half hour's worth of beautiful, relaxing ambience.